Kidís Corner


by: Irene Davis

Bamse is the Norwegian word for teddy bear. It is also a cartoon, which I am going to tell you about the characters.

Bamse is a brown bear who is also the strongest bear in the world, and also the nicest. Bamse must eat dunderhonung (meaning thunder honey). It is made by his grandmother, to make him strong. If you or I were to eat the dunderhonung, we would get a terrible pain in our stomach for about three days.

Bamse has a wife, Brummelisa, which he loves very much. Brummelisa does not have Bamseís strength. She is, however, just as kind as him. She was not with the story in the beginning.

Nallemaja is one of the four children, and is also one of Bamseís triplets. She has a bad temper and is not afraid to fight. She is a good student in school. She often protects the ones that are weaker than her from the evil ones.

Brum is an ordinary bear and one of the triplets. There is not anything special to say about him. He is a lot like his father, Bamse, but is not as strong as his father.

Teddy is the brightest of all the children. He is the last of the triplets. He will most likely be a professor or something similar to that in the future. He is able to save others, especially children, with his bright solutions.

Brumma is the baby of the family.

Bamseís friends are Lille skutt (meaning Little Hop). He is a very fast white rabbit, who is known for being frightened, and Skalman (meaning Shellman), a tortoise who is an inventor, and a pack rat! Skalman also likes to play chess with himself!

I hope you really enjoyed my article on Bamse.