by Ashley Davis


Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Lubbers

Third Grade Class

Condit Elementary



     I have chosen Norway for my country report.  I chose

Norway because I have never been there before.  My

family lives there.  I want to learn about Norway.


    Norway is on the continent of Europe.  It is in the

northwestern hemisphere.  The capital of Norway is Oslo. 

The population is 4,543,041.  The language spoken is

Norwegian.  Mountains are the main landform.  They

separate the regions.


     The agricultural products from Norway are barley; hey; livestock; milk; and oats.  The natural resources of Norway are Ilmenite; iron ore; lead; molybdenite; petroleum; natural gas; pyrites; and zinc.


     The special thing about Norway.  I want to see where my family lived.  I also want to meet my family that still lives there.  It would be fun to ride in a boat in the fjords.  I want to see what it's like in Norway.