Sundfjord Lodge 6-65 Son's of Norway

fjord in norway  

Your Norwegian and Scandinavian connection for over 60 years

in the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys

 Next Lodge June 11th (2nd Sat) 2016: 12 noon   OPEN FACE SANDWICHES

     Rock of the Foothills Lutheran Church, 4630 Wheeler Avenue, La Verne, CA

Presentations/VikingSwords  (the slide show Brian presented) 

Lefsa Program April 2016

  The members of Sundfjord Lodge meet at Noon on the second Saturday of the month, at the Rock of the Foothills Lutheran Church, 4630 Wheeler Avenue, La Verne, CA. Our business take a backseat to our social activities, so come prepared for a large meal (potluck) and good friends. We explore Norway's language, history, stories and song. Map

Lodge members enjoy a video and book library of Cultural interest           

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 FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Being of Viking blood, the members of Sundfjord go out in the world to join our Sons of Norway brothers and sisters in exploring our heritage. Join us at film festivals, concerts, folk dance, and art exhibits. Come with us to the Kretstevnes where we camp-out under the light of the North Star! Join us for community involvement events at parades and festivals where we share the Norwegian culture, history and emigrant experience with others, and reach out to the "lost tribes" of Scandinavians that don't yet know of Sons of Norway.



Pauline Pederson

Vice President

Brian Stranahan


Walli Jean Stranahan

Treasurer Sherry Robinson


Lise Fleming


Agnes Deeb



Walli Jean Stranahan


James (Jim) Stewart
Web Art Aslesen

   members of our lodge, Ester and Dean Schan moved to Roseburg, Oregon.  The "Joy of Connection" can be found right here Ester and Dean Schan's trip to Norway 
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